Apparently Duane got a call from Taylor today regarding a post on Trip advisor.  I'm assuming Rich posted and Dave was the one who called Taylor the 2nd day.  Might want to sync up on this.


Here is the transcript:

Hi Bill,  I spoke with Duane yesterday about Trip Advisor report on my business and me personally. I really don't think this is fair under circumstances. When I heard about date and that there was a mix up, I immediately tried to get a hold of you guys and Mark and see what could be done to fix the situation. I did not run and hide, and I faced it and took complete responsibility for my mistake. I apologized several times on the phone to Rich, and felt terrible about this situation. I asked Mark to see what he could do on my behalf, since I was down there at the time to fix this situation and that I would take care of it. I followed up each evening w/ Mark to see how fishing went and everything was OK according to him and his follow up email. I do not want to make a big deal about this, but wanted to get done with it. I do not screw people, but I do make mistakes. I try my hardest to make sure each and every persons package is done correctly. I would like to discuss this more over the phone if you would please give me a chance I'm sure we can work something out. Please this means allot to me? 1(888)241-1543 x 714    What do you think is fair to get this resolve? I posted an email from Mark?  --------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a little surprised about the Wagner group.  They seemed like reasonable guys and I though we smoothed it over OK.  We departed a few hours late the 1st day because of the mix up but we stayed out late and comped them lunch, beer and t-shirts.  The weather was not good and we didn't catch any fish that day but an earlier departure may not have made a difference.  The following day was outstanding and they caught more fish than they knew what to do with. I told them you were very stand up, admitted the mistake and apologized over and over.  It is water under the bridge now but there was a lot of things they could have done to avoid what happened.   One of the guys called me after the 2nd day and expressed how happy they were.  He had left a camera bag on the boat that we returned to them before departure.  At that time he did mention a further mix up with their hotel deposit.  I didn't get the details and advised them to contact you.  He mumbled they would probably contact me direct next time.  It would be interesting to ask who the extra $750 was paid to.  I'm sure you don't want your clients being over charged on this end.
For those of you who are wondering about the collage, credit goes to John K. for that.  Picked it off his team-elder site.  John, we need the "caught me a gringo photo" to imortilize on the site!  All submissions welcome.
Went sailing this Saturday in RWC, well not exactly.  Never left the dock. After 3 bottles of wine we just decided to  . . . .  drink wine.  But the wind was blowing and we were on the water so it was a "virtual sailing experience".  It ties into fishing in that there were a few fishing jokes that I hadn't heard before.  Here is one:  Fishing is a jerk at one end of the line against a jerk at the other.  Thought that was kind of funny.
Well, what do you think?  After all these years of talking about it, I finally put up the offical Gnarly Gringo web site.  Sorry John, the team elder site wasn't offical but was a good stand in for alot of years.  Now that we have the URL posted, please submitt pictures, video or any content you would like me to post on the site and I'll put it up.  Also, tell us you tall fishing tails.  You first Hot Pepper Dave!  Fishing this year was actually alot better than past and we put some tuna in the cooler.  I'm bummer that the one tuna "that got away" from me almost stripped the reel.  Man I would have like to see how big that one was.  That's why the call it fishing.  Stay tuned for more posts and stories to come.